Backup & Restore

Customers have the long-term needs to store data in the cloud or on-premise data center and hope to use cloud storage as the backup. At this point, customers can use the backup & restore plan to automatically save the data to the cloud, so that when a disaster occurs, the backup data can be manually recovered.

Pilot Light for Simple Recovery

When a disaster occurs, “Pilot Light for Simple Recovery” plan is faster date-recovery timedate-recovery time than the basic backup & restore. The reason is the core of the system has partially on standby which saves time and prevents human error but still needs to configure some installations to fully recover the application.

Warm Standby

The system is fully synchronized, and the warm standby system is currently running on another cloud. When a disaster occurs, the warm standby system can start with almost zero downtime to take over all the works of the original system, so that data won’t be interrupted, and the economic loss of the enterprise can be minimized.


Data synchronously deploy and is on warm standby in 10+ other AWS data centers across regions around the world. When a large-scale regional disaster occurs, it will immediately start to take over the existing system in order to maintain the brand reputation and reducing the cost of manpower for data recovery. It will help to minimize the corporate loss and is a must for mid-to-large or multinational companies which have highly sensitive information.



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