Information security product and inspection. Help block malicious attacks and upgrade security protection level.

Deep Security

To protect enterprise applications, detect malware and build firewalls to ensure that data is not leaked and resulting in operational disruption or economic loss.

  • Consistent monitor physical, virtual, cloud and hybrid environments
  • Check the log and evaluate the website reputation level
  • Streamline security and raise up the ability of compliance
  • Real-time monitoring, rapid response and blocking the potential threats attacking
  • Available in software or SaaS service

Vulnerability Scan

Enterprises can use vulnerability scanning tools to find out the security level. It is also recommended reports generated by tools and the professional vulnerability team can give the assessment and suggestions individually.

  • Using automated tools to identify risk assessment of systems, websites and code
  • Simulate the malicious users of online behavior or a file that might be entered a malicious value to send and record the response status.
  • The last verification for RD team before go to market

Penetration Testing

According to each environment, the penetration testing team can simulate hackers’ thinking and behavior patterns in order to plan the detection content and process for completing network or the host attacking test.

  • Understand vulnerabilities and blind spots of system security
  • 70% automated testing, 30% the security technicians simulate the penetration
  • The penetration team reports and gives professional corrections to strengthen corporate network security and reduce corporate security risks.

Source Code Review

Source code review is a third-party auditing method for code in the web development process to examine if the source code contains potential security threats during development.

  • The source code is scanned with automated tools which can rapidly generate reports & analyze the code vulnerability. Users can re-test until no security threats exist.
  • Provide repair assistance or consultation to reduce information security issues of the code.
  • Available in software or SaaS service

Digital encryption, decryption &

Using digital security solutions to protect, verify and manage personal or sensitive data.

  • Software application development such as digital key management, digital encryption, application encryption, virtual machine encryption, database field encryption, de-identification solutions.
  • Personal mobile security, payment security, cloud authentication, identity and privacy protection
  • Suitable for industries or personal devices which include sensitive data
  • Web Bot Protection

    Prevent malicious bots from attacking websites and impacting business analytics

  • Databases Audit System

    Assist authorized organizations to evaluate, monitor and audit databases.

  • DDOS Clean Pipe

    Effectively identify, block malicious attacks, and slow down the attack to reduce the network loadings.

  • Web Application Firewall

    The web application layer blocking firewall against malicious attacks



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