High-Availability Testing

In order to find out potential problems from system program, architecture and settings, users can carry out stress test / performance test / load test / soak test / load capacity test / stability test and so on.

Load Testing

Load Testing analyzes data of each testing scenario (response time, error rate, bandwidth, number of transactions), test the limit value and optimal value of the number of connections that a service can carry, and find out the bottleneck issue.

Stress Testing

Stress Testing simulates the real scenarios to find out the limit value and recommended value of the computing resources to analyze the data of each system program, and find out the bottleneck issue.

Elasticity Testing

Elasticity Testing confirms the architecture that has the ability of auto-scaling resources

Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

Infrastructure Monitoring and Management provides IT operation and performance monitoring tools to monitor and manage cloud resources, sets up standard procedures of automation, provides comprehensive monitoring results on the dashboard to assist staff in monitoring infrastructure and applications.

Web Traffic Monitoring

Monitor website traffic and perform real-time analysis to ensure that the site and the infrastructure is running during peak hours and be notified when problems occur. At the same time, it can also predict key cost via network usage, storage consumption and cloud usage for budget control.

User Behavior Analysis

User Behaviour Analysis collects user behavior data from a user's point of view, completes tracking and captures records to quantify the data of business logic behind the web page. In the way of using user behavior insight to foresee the business opportunity, it can replace the traditional log method, reduce burden on systems and decrease the risk of modifying original source codes.



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