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Next-Gen Cloud Management Platform - Atlas

Altas is developed by eCloudvalley with machine learning algorithm & cloud management experiences to help customers rapidly deploy cloud architecture, monitor cloud resources, optimize cloud performances and reduce the cost.


Cloud Solutions


We provide the most common information security solutions to protect
the data’s confidentiality, integrity and availability in the enterprise, such as DDOS-attack block, data encryption, data de-identification, source-code review and penetration test.


Direct Connect

The enterprise customers use direct connect to resolve high-quality network connection requirements, thereby reducing the cost of bandwidth, improving network transmission stability and speed. Meanwhile, private connections also enhance network security and provide users with better network experience.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

No key information will be lost in the event of a critical system error. Enterprise IT can retrieve its data safely from the long-term data retention database that preserves data confidentiality to ensure business continuity. By using backup & disaster recovery plans, companies can reduce data recovery time and financial loss.


Internet of Things IoT

We provide IoT related scenarios like smart home, internet of vehicles and smart city and we adopt customize IoT-related applications and services to help centralize management and remotely control devices to fulfill customers requirements.



For monitoring website traffic, ensuring websites that functions normally during peak hours and managing IT infrastructure, we advise website optimization solutions to enhance user experience and performance testing solutions to keep the website in the groove.


Big Data

Data Analytics solutions help enterprises grasp future business trends and make rapid decisions with large amount of data. We collect the large amount of data in the market to analyze it for commercial business intelligence planning, visual image analysis and identification, security information analysis, market strategies, etc.


Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Each member of our professional MSP team has multiple cloud certified licenses. Our MSP team will assist customers every step of the way in deploying best cloud environment, effectively improving cloud performance, cloud security, maintaining high availability, minimizing the cost to free up IT personnel to focus on higher valued tasks

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