AWS Direct Connect

Exclusive Service for Chief Cloud eXchange + AWS Direct Connect! To improve the connection quality of enterprise public clouds and meet the requirements of information security, Chief Telecom-a partner of AWS based in Taiwan-provides a private connection solution called “Chief Cloud eXchange + AWS Direct Connect”. Compared with regular public Internet connection services, it is more reliable, faster, and has a lower latency, thereby alleviating enterprises’ concern over the connection to AWS data center and enjoy AWS's lower cost of data transfer rate and higher bandwidth.

Chief Cloud eXchange (CCX)

Chief Cloud eXchange (CCX) is an integrated multi/hybrid cloud connection platform. Through CCX, customers can easily connect to AWS Direct Connect through private connections (dedicated line or VPN).

CCX can provide customers with high reliability, high delivery rate, high quality and up to 10Gbp private connection speed.


VPN is an enterprise-specific virtual private network that can connect the domestic and foreign-based network and adopt the most advanced MPLS technology (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) to shorten the transmission latency and decrease the cost of the peer-to-peer network connection. VPN MPLS provides a faster, more independent and secure virtual network.

Submarine Cable

For the international network data transmission, it relies on the submarine cable connecting countries. For multinational enterprises with high speed and usage transmission, submarine cable service providers can be used to establish independent cables to connect the whole world.

Besides providing undersea cable services, it provides fiber-optic connections to each data center of telecom service providers after landing, and they can provide a wide range of Internet services for their corporate users or end users.

Local Loop Integration

According to the different needs of each enterprise customer, eCloudvalley’s professional consultant can propose a customized plan for the above services types, tailor-made the most effective local loop plan with low-cost. Please feel free to contact us for more information.



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