Artificial intelligence (A.I) big data and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions


Splunk provides AI data analysis platform for operations which is available for SaaS or software. Splunk helps turn machine data into answers for real-time insights to boost business results which is suitable for the scenarios like enterprise operation analysis, business analysis, big data analysis, information security analysis and compliance analysis.

Visual Recognition

The technology of visual recognition is utilizing A.I visual and deep learning technology in big data database to analyze, the services include facial recognition, celebrity recognition, object detection, scene identification, and common information analysis. Meanwhile, customers can create and train independent custom models using algorithm based on different industries and scenarios.

IoT Platform

The IoT Platform combines complete architecture such as wireless module integration, app development, cloud platform development and operation with sensors, lenses, microphones.

Internet of Things (IoT) makes traditional products have more innovation possibilities.
The scenarios include smart car, smart city, network cameras to remote driving recorders and remote control of smart home appliances, etc.



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