Cloud Management Platform-Atlas

Your Must-Have Cloud Management Helper

IT Daily Operations

IT Pro can directly check real-time costs and performance via the dashboard. Atlas has automation functions and provides billing alerts and diverse kinds of cloud reports to help IT Pro easily save time, save money and adjust suitable cloud environment with the best deployment

Services Management

Manage and monitor cloud computing resources including storage, in-memory storage, CPU resources and so on. Atlas helps deploy your cloud environment, fulfill the needs of better cloud performances and let IT Pro focus on higher value tasks.

Finance Management

You can always keep track of your overall cloud expenses and service costs via Atlas. On the visualized dashboard, you can easily download detailed monthly bills, commercial invoices and check billing history records to analyze cloud spending and estimate your future budget.

Best Cloud Practice

With just one click, Atlas can generate a wide variety of cloud reports like cost optimization, usage report, high availability report, performance report to help enterprises reduce costs.
Performance report, security recommendation, and high-availability report are also available for users who wish to optimize cloud deployment with ease.

Main Features

  • Billing

    Visually view various important service costs, and review the previous bills for financial control. IT Pro can also easily monitor malfunctions via abnormal spendings.

  • Automation

    Automatically runs functions like automated scheduling, EC2/RDS switch, EC2/RDS backup, & 1-click cross-region backup, behind the scene. Also logs down each action was taken to avoid potential risks.

  • Resource Management

    Optimize cloud resources and loadings, provide right-sizing suggestions of the suitable instances configuration and shut down the idle instances for cost reduction

  • Cloud Reports

    One click to generate a wide variety of cloud reports for analysis including instance report, security report, backup report, performance report, high availability report, RI suggestions and so on.

  • Hybrid Cloud

    A hybrid cloud environment is the future trend in the enterprises. Atlas also supports cross-cloud services in billing and usage management

  • Exclusive 5x8/7x24 Support

    Exclusive multiple AWS certified engineers are on duty to provide professional consulting services with the minimum cost.
    (The fastest reply is within 15 minutes which depends on the plan)

Special Features

  • Visualized Dashboard

    Visualize the cost of each service and the overall spending

  • Billing Alert

    Automatically be notified to prevent overspending to the planned budget.

  • Cost Explorer

    Analyze costs and usages by creating visual reports of graphs and charts

  • Download Billing Report

    One click to download monthly commercial invoice for financial claim

  • RI Monitoring & Suggestions

    Data visualization of RI usage & coverage. Suggest the best RI Program & provides soon-be- due instances reports

  • Partner & User Permission

    Customize partners info and manually set sub-account permissions

  • Re-billing

    Easily solve re-billing problems between you and distributors

  • Right-Sizing Suggestion

    Automatically recommend right size of instances to reduce costs


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